Damoctocog alfa pegol (Jivi®) is approved in the USA, EU, Japan and Canada for the treatment and prophylaxis of previously treated patients aged ≥ 12 years with haemophilia A. Formulated with a 60 kDa polyethylene glycol (PEG) moiety, damoctocog alfa pegol is an intravenously (IV) administered recombinant factor VIII (rFVIII) product with a longer terminal half-life than non-PEGylated FVIII and rFVIII products. In the multinational phase II/III PROTECT VIII trial, prophylaxis with damoctocog alfa pegol reduced the likelihood of bleeding in previously treated patients aged ≥ 12 years with severe haemophilia A, with dosing schedules ranging from twice weekly to once every 7 days. Interim data from the ongoing extension phase indicated that the reduced annualized bleeding rates (ABRs) were maintained for up to 5.2 years of prophylaxis with damoctocog alfa pegol. Damoctocog alfa pegol was also effective in treating bleeding episodes and in providing haemostatic control during surgery. Damoctocog alfa pegol was generally well tolerated in adult and adolescent patients with severe haemophilia A, with most adverse events considered to be unrelated to treatment. There were no new or confirmed cases of FVIII inhibitor development and anti-PEG antibodies, observed in some patients, were of low titre and transient. Damoctocog alfa pegol extends the available treatment options in previously treated adults and adolescents with haemophilia A, offering the possibility of up to once-weekly administration for suitable patients.

Rivista Drugs 2019 79; 1147-1156

Autori: PalkJ Deeks ED