An early start of West Nile virus seasonal transmission: the added value of One Health surveillance in detecting early circulation and triggering timely response in Italy, June to July 2018.

Abstract In Italy, the 2018 West Nile virus transmission season started early with a high number of cases reported. One-Health surveillance, within the Italian West Nile national preparedness and response plan, detected viral circulation 9 days before symptom-onset of the first confirmed human case; triggering timely implementation of blood and transplant safety measures. This is […]

Multiple HBV transfusion transmissions from undetected occult infections: revising the minimal infectious dose

Hepatitis B remains a global major public health issue and a viral infection transmissible by transfusion. The risk of HBV transfusion transmitted infection has been reduced by the selection of donors; the continuous improvement of serological assays to detect the HBV surface antigen (HBsAg); the implementation of anti-HBc screening for antibodies against the HBV core […]

Epidemiological characteristics of human prion diseases

In the absence of specific therapies for human prion diseases, which are frequently associated with neurodegenerative disorders with fatal outcome, only an active surveillance can be used to monitor and prevent the transmission of such diseases. For this reason, starting from 1993, surveillance systems have been established in many countries. Moreover, there is urgent need […]

New Hemostatic Agents: Perioperative Anesthetic Considerations

AIM: Pharmacologic agents with procoagulant effects and antidotes against antithrombotic drugs play an important role in the prevention and management of perioperative coagulopathic bleeding. Aim of this narrative review is knowledge transfer on new and renewed hemostatic agents to anesthesiologists and other physicians involved in perioperative medicine. METHODS: The literature search was performed in PubMed […]

Comorbidities in hemophilia not related to hemophilia and therapeutic prescription concerns

The longest life expectancy makes hemophiliacs susceptible to diseases not related to haemophilia and belonging to the general population as cerebro-cardiovascular pathologies and malignacies. Predictable is also that the younger patients, children and adolescents, suffer from disorders caused by well-being: obesity, metabolic syndrome, abnormal glucose tolerance. In severe elderly hemophiliacs chronic arthropathy is the most […]